Digital Footprint

Professional blogging is a new challenge set before the staff at our HS. For those who were interested, we attended a session just today on setting up our own blog. Lots of staff came and got started. So here I am exploring the intracicies of WordPress.
And as colleagues we got talking about what does it mean to have a digital footprint professionally. Are there boundaries to what we say? Should there be guidelines? What do we need to be excited about, careful of, mindful of as we extend our digital footprint. Found this input from fellow blogger in lovely Canada – we’ve never met. But is that not the point of being digitally connected. Doug has some great links and reminds us about having the same conversation with our students – are they careful about their digital footprint? We know the answer is “Not always”. I don’t think we will understand their digital world unless we are in it, so there’s another good reason to be blogging. Here’s to more happy blogging and my first “Press This” from Doug – fellow Canadian eductor, my first international connection.

Digital Footprint.

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One Response to Digital Footprint

  1. Deanne Bovingdon says:

    Julie, how exciting to be trying something new! It really does demonstrate that we never stop learning ourselves. Please share this journey with your students – many of my blogging ideas come from my own class. I love blogging with them and we are having a special time this year learning together.

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